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Terry Corbett takes great pride in its product. Among the last to still make handmade leather goods in the Italy, the quality of our goods and attention to detail are paramount to exquisite finish of our product. We therefore only work with the best leather craftsmen and women in Italy and England and continuously improve our quality control to ensure the highest standards throughout the production process.

The Development of Leather

Leather is made from the skins of any animal, reptile, bird or fish, by a process called tanning. This process preserves the skin, which would otherwise quickly decay or putrefy.

From the primitive methods of early man, the industry today is highly scientifically based and constant research is applied towards improving leathers to fit in with modern living.

With a few exceptions, hides or skins are by-products. Animals are reared for meat, milk and wool and not for the value of their skins. As a consequence, the tanner is not able to control the supply of raw hides and skins, which he purchases in open markets all over the world and is in competition with tanners on a global basis. Many attempts have been made to create artificial leather however nothing can compare to the real article for durability, look and feel. We hope you enjoy our product.