Our Approach


Terry Corbett is all about the Bespoke approach. Here you will find Made to Order, Made to Measure and Bespoke tailored clothing of the highest discernment. Each and every garment is hand-cut and stitched by our master tailors to your exact design and specification, resulting in a one off garment with a perfect fit.



When you commission a suit from Terry Corbett you are working with one of the best makers in the world. Our Head Tailor happens to be the former, "Master Tailor of Kiton" and our shop has a combined 200+ years of Tailoring expertise. During production, we communicate with our tailors in a way that can only be done by someone who technically knows how to do the tailors job. Then after a fitting, the garment is altered, here in our shop, by people who make suits from scratch everyday.


We use cloth from the finest mills in the world and work only with the best cloth suppliers namely Loro Piana, Ariston Napoli, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino and Lanificio Cerruti. Linings are imported from Italy in an array of colors, patterns and designs. Details are as many and unique as you would care to suggest.  
Each cloth is selected for the suit in question based upon weight, weave, yarn content and technical applications. We have cloths ranging from 6.5oz to 16oz and super 70’s through super 240s and include many exotic yarns such as Guanaco, Vicuna, Cashmere, Mohair, Silk and Alpaca.
We can even mill cloth just for your suit, whether wool, mohair, cashmere, vicuna, silk or anything else you fancy.



Our entry level Made to Order, "MTO Suits" start at only $2495. If you are looking to dip your toe and test the water this elegant selection may be for you. Cloth selections are numerous featuring a variety of Italian and English mills.


For the gentleman who seeks to explore his first experience in procuring his first custom suit this is an excellent sartorial decision.  What's exciting about this option is you have the opportunity to get all the luxurious fabrics without the Bespoke Suits pricing. Suit pricing starts at $2,495.


For the gentleman whose seeking something very exceptional and extraordinary, our pricing options exist from $4,895 to around $30,000 to craft that timeless, elegant piece with attitude.  There are plenty of options at the lower end of the scale, with exotics really inhabiting the realm above $7,500.

All prices include all fittings, alterations, finishing and shipping.


Our bespoke shirts are handmade in Italy from the finest Egyptian cotton milled in Italy. Each shirt is single needle stitched, has mother of pearl buttons a two piece collar and all the bells and whistles you would expect of the finest shirts you can buy.  When making your bespoke shirts a pattern is cut for you and you alone.

To order bespoke shirts please request an appointment. Bespoke shirts normally take approximately eight weeks to complete.  Prices start at $495 per shirt. There is a minimum order of four shirts per order.


All of our silk items are woven from unique designs.  And each bears a story.  It's not just a tie. 


We like to think we can hit the perfect fit by only seeing you twice.  At our first meeting we’ll figure out what you want the suit for, choose the cloth, lining and other materials that fit that purpose, and (of course) measure you and take anatomical notes for our cutter to ensure the perfect fit.  By the time you see us around 8-10 weeks later all that should be required is some button holes and hems.